What would you do?

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Imagine for a second that you wanted to buy jeans. Seems like a simple enough process – get in your car, go towards the store, park your car, go in, try some jeans on and check them out, pay and leave. I’m sure many of you have done this. It’s very transferable to any of the many purchases you’ve made. Probably the only time you’ve run into any issues is during the holidays when everyone goes en masse to the malls of their choice.

Now imagine you’re Britney Spears. Yes, Britney Spears. Regardless of how much you pay attention to the tabloids, you KNOW just how much drama she has to deal with. I’m sure every single one of you reading this has a different opinion on Ms. Spears. Some of you might think she deserves all the drama she’s dealing with – it’s part and parcel to the life she wanted, right? Some of you might be indifferent. Some of you might down right LOVE her. I’m asking you all to suspend all of that and put yourself in her shoes for just the next few minutes of reading this post.

Ok, you are now Ms. Spears. You think to yourself, “Hey, I really want some new jeans.” You know that they carry this line almost everywhere now: Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc. What if they don’t have all the choices though? Might as well go to one of Paige’s retail stores. Oooh. There’s one on Robertson, across from the Ivy. Cool. Wait… Last time you went shopping on Robertson (Intermix), you got mobbed a bit. Better bring a friend and security. Alright. Destination, check. Means of transportation, check. Big burly security dude, check. Let’s go.

You get to PPD and it’s fine. Get in the store just like anyone else. As a precaution though, they lower the blinds for the store. Now no one can look in. Heck, they even lock the doors. Cool. Blinds down, doors locked, no one will even know you’re in there. You suppose people can speculate, but you’ll be out of there in NO TIME. Let’s get some jeans!

Sounds pretty simple, right? WRONG. Somehow the word gets out that YOU are inside PPD, thus the lowering of their blinds. One person calls someone.

They call someone else.

This someone else calls a bunch of other people.

You have no idea, but TONS of people have gathered, and they are armed. They don’t have guns or knives, but they have electronic hand cannons – CAMERAS – and they fully plan on using them on you. How do you get out? Easy answer would be to walk out and into the car, but obviously, this is a BIT more complicated now.

So how do you get out? Well, here’s an option: Have building security secretly get your car ready. Have someone call LAPD to be Moses and part the red paparazzi sea. Jump in the car and BOUNCE. That’s exactly what happened. Not one LAPD squad car, but THREE arrived on the scene. That’s SIX officers and their only function for the next few minutes is to get you into your car. Fantastic use of their time right? Certainly there are crimes that need to be tended to, right? Well, that would be the easy way to look at it, but when you’ve got to deal with this:

the conventional sort of gets thrown out the window. I didn’t capture this, but some of these very paps surrounded the car when it was attempting to leave. CRAZY.

Ok. You’ve been Brit and you’ve gotten jeans. Can you even start to imagine what goes on in her head? I spoke to some people outside of the store. They asked me if I too was trying to get a picture of the ever elusive Britney. I said, “No. I’m trying to get a picture of the paparazzi trying to get a picture of her.” They then asked me why on earth would I want that? Well, here’s why: I know that I’ve had dreams of hitting it big somehow and all that great things that go along with that. If I had to deal with this EVERYTIME I stepped foot outside, much less more than ONCE, I’d be done. Sure, it’s part of the entertainment machine. Sure, someone MIGHT have tipped off the paps that she was going to be there. That still doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. At the end of this day as I was driving home I thought, POOR BRITNEY. Now, I don’t know if this sort of thing has contributed to her recent troubles. She used to be just fine with the same amount of attention, but something shifted and she’s where she’s at now. Everyone’s got a breaking point, and if I was in her proverbial shoes, it would have been AGES ago.

So… draw your own conclusions. For me, this just illustrates that everyone’s got their own lens, pun not intended, with which they see and experience things. I really can’t let myself be in a position to judge when I don’t have the same frame of reference. I have the odd experience of working on Robertson where I see this sort of thing happen all the time. Perhaps not to this same extent, but it happens literally every day. I was off work, walking to my car, and fell into all of this. Figured I’d share with all of you.


Friday Night Lights Renewed?!

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NBC held its Upfront or “infront” today in NYC. One of the big highlights for me was seeing that Friday Night Lights is on their schedule! This past Monday at the Leatherheads Premiere I asked Adrianne Palicki, who incidentally is QUITE TALL, if she had any news about the show’s renewal. She said that we would know FOR SURE on Wednesday. Well, it’s Wednesday and it looks like the show is in Friday nights at 9:00 pm! It IS also coupled with “Deal or No Deal” at the same time. I don’t want to read to much into it as that could just indicate a few episode committment. Check out Hollywood Reporter for more detailed information coming out of the NBC upfront.

Random iPhone photo

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In a conference room @ work…


Gossip Girl Paley Event

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Tonight marked what would be the last night of Paleyfest ’08 (might go to DSM) for me. Fitting that this years festival ends with by far my favorite show of this season, Gossip Girl. Splattered about this blog are things that I’ve written about GG. Don’t feel the need to re-hash all of that. Normally I’d get super in detail for any sort of GG recap, but I figure if you’re going to read all of this, you probably saw the live stream on paleycenter.org and got a good idea of what went on. For those of you who missed it, I’m going to hit you with the highlights of tonight’s event.

For each of the events, they start off with a clip from the Paley vault, from a show which they feel is similar. Tonight the clip was from My So Called Life. There was a lot of applause, though I’m sure none of the people applauding actually saw the show when it aired. I twittered that I was pretty sure I was at least 3x the age of everyone else attending. I was glad to see afterwards that wasn’t the case. After the clip moderator, Tim Stack, from Entertainment weekly introduced Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage who welcomed everyone and introduced the clip reel from GG.

After the clip reel and bonus outtakes, Tim Stack came back on and introduced the panel. In attendance were Jessica Szohr (Vanessa), Taylor Momsen (Jenny), Bob Levy (producer), Matthew Settle (Papa Humphrey), Kelly Rutherford (Mama Van Der Woodsen), Ed Westwick (Chuck), Chase Crawford (Nate), Penn Badgley (Dan), Leighton Meester (Blair), Blake Lively (Serena), Cecily von Ziegesar (author), Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz (Exec Producers).
dsc03565.jpg dsc03556.jpg

Tim cracked me up when he started off addressing Blake and Leighton reminding them of the first time he interviewed them which was in bed. He exclaimed that this was the first time he had been in bed with a woman, much less TWO. Tim then started gushing about Blake’s “Gorgeous” hair. This was the first of MANY references to her fantastic hair. I swear, someone in the audience is going to get her a Pantene deal if she doesn’t have one already.

Tim asked Cecily about her books and how they compare to the show. Cecily said that the books were based on herself and her friends, kind of. Josh and Stephanie then fielded the inevitable OC comparison question. Josh said that he hadn’t heard of the books but was sent them. He read the first one and knew it was something he wanted to be involved with. Stephanie said that she experienced a bit of trepidation with having another teen show, but was confident it would be great. Tim joked about doing research a la “Never Been Kissed.” Josh said that was all on Stephanie cause he would have just been thrown in jail if he tried to pull that off.

Leighton talked about how she got involved with the project. She read for it and thought “I’m Blair.” Problem was that she was blonde at the time. Even the network said, “…but she’s blonde.” She read again in a wig and then eventually with newly dyed brown hair. Stephanie said, “That was a big deal because if you ask an actress to dye her hair during pilot season, you better have a good feeling she’s going to get the role.” Josh then talked about how every website that he came across during casting kept saying that Blake better be cast. He said he better meet her. Blake then talked about signing six years to play one character and how that was initially scary for her. She said she wasn’t even looking to go into TV. Blake then said she laid down some ground rules for her coming on: No snakes, no getting locked in a cage, and no pet monkeys. The monkey thing reared its head several times the rest of the night. More on that later… The rest of the cast talked about the roles that they read for. Chase said that he read for the part of Serena! Ed read for the part of Nate. Penn said that he really didn’t want to get into TV again after three other failed series. He brought up “The Mountain.” I think two people clapped. Penn pointed toward them and exclaimed, “See?!” In a case of “you really just never know in this town,” Jessica talked about how she went to a BBQ with friends and ended up meeting Josh and Stephanie. Stephanie immediately knew she was going to be Vanessa. Stephanie did say that she IMDBed Jessica to make sure she was an actress!

Bob revealed that GG was actually pitched as an hour-long to other networks and as a movie to Fox which obviously never panned out. He said that the key change happened when Josh and Stephanie got involved and gave Serena a drive. They both wanted Serena to play that she wanted to be better – wanted to be a better person. Josh then talked about how GG played at TCA. He got comments that it was all so depraved and that it was the end of Western Civilization!

The ‘rents got into the panel action. Kelly talked about shooting in NY. She said that the fans are very vocal. They walk by set in their own uniforms and Hermes bags and shout out love. Tim asked if it was hard to shut down sets. He thought that shooting on the steps of the MET would be especially challenging. Kelly chimed back in that the hard part was shooting in 22 degree weather and the paparazzi. One time in fact she said that paparazzi were following her around. She told them, “I’m the Mom. I’m not worth it!” Tim then compared Lily and Rufus’ relationship to the whole “will they and won’t they Ross and Rachel situation.” Matthew said, “Hey, it’s 2008. We should have a double date with the kids!” This garnered a huge “eww… no!” from Blake. Matthew finished by talking about his chemistry with Kelly and stating that their characters are “holding hands on the inside.”

Ed got into the action by fielding a question about the scarves his character wears. He started telling a story about he was just out and about in NY and saw a guy wearing a really cool scarf. When he was done Josh said, “All I understood was scarf.” We all found out that the actress that plays Cati went back to school at Brown due to the time off with the writer’s strike. Chase said, “No really, she’s brilliant. She’s a molecular biologist or something. I’ve seen her books on set.” Looks like Is is on her own now.

Taylor fielded a question about how Jenny usurped B’s throne. Tim hinted at her even going after Nate. She replied, “Well, he’s like the older brother not related to her that she MIGHT want to date.” Taylor then said that Jenny is learning her power, as evidenced by another girl taking her books in to the library for her towards the end of the last episode. Taylor said, “She wants to be in and she’s going to do things to be in.” To this Tim asked Leighton if it was more fun playing B as in control or less bitchy? Leighton said a little of both. Eventually talk came around to Blair sleeping with Chuck which Ed said, “Yes! Thank God for that! Two thumbs up!”

Blake talked about Serena and that “she is the way she is because she doesn’t have a proper role model – look at her mom.” Kelly coughed and said, “excuse me?!” Blake then said that maybe sleeping with Nate wasn’t the reason she left. Josh stopped that really quickly. I found that odd because the role that Michelle Trachtenberg just signed on for is supposed to shake things up AND possibly reveal that there was another reason why Serena left. It was all over the trades! At any rate, Blake said that we were in for more bad Serena, even if it might be in flashbacks OR NOT.

Cecily said that, no offense to the cast and creative team, but her expectations were so low for the show. She said, “I’m a New Yorker. I wear tights. What was this going to be? Gossip Girl on the beach where Nate’s a lifeguard and Blair’s a mom by day and a stripper at night?” She then said that she was pretty pissed off about the changes from the book when she saw the pilot. By episode 2 though, she was fine with it all. The books and the show were two different entities – separate but both cool. Cecily talked about other changes from the book. Oddly enough, Chuck is gay and gets a pet monkey in the books. Blake quasi freaks out and shushes Cecily. Ed says that the monkey must have turned him gay. In the winner of the AWKWARD moment of the night, Cecily brings up how Jenny has huge boobs in the books. Taylor rolls with it and looks down at her chest and smiles. Cecily couldn’t leave it at that and says, “Well, you really haven’t gone through puberty yet, right?” Taylor seemed a bit OFF after that.

Tim asked Josh, “Where are the gay people on the show?” Josh said that the question he actually gets the most is “Where are the Jews? How are you in New York and there are no Jews?” Here’s where the monkey thing comes back again: Josh said that during sweeps they should have a Gay Jewish monkey on the show.

Blake talked about Guitar Hero in the show. Tim asked if she’s really good at the game to which Blake responded, “I’m actually pretty incredible at Guitar Hero.” Josh says that in the original script, Vanessa KILLS Serena at Guitar Hero. Blake said, “No, you can’t take away my guitar hero!” She proved her mettle and there was a re-write. Tim asked what her song was in GH. Blake explained that they are all her songs and actually the secret is that she’s AMAZING at MEDIUM. Everyone on stage and off is laughing. Tim says, “Maybe you’re not that good then.” “NO,” Blake exclaims, “I am good. I even entered a tournament in Brooklyn. I can even do flair like twirling the guitar around my neck.” Tim asked if her gorgeous hair flailed about when she did this trick. Blake retorted, “Would you even like me if I didn’t have good hair?!” This exchanged ended with Josh saying that Medium is the new standard for excellence!

When asked about what affect the strike will have on the show, Stephanie stated, “We’re ending in the same place, we’re just getting there more quickly.” Things to look forward to are: more on the B and Little J war, S and Chuck as siblings, Georgina (Trachtenberg) wreaking havoc and the fact that B FEARS her, and a wedding. I, along with the audience assumed that this was an allusion to Bart and Lily. Josh teased that the wedding might not necessarily be the one that we’re expecting. Tim then asked if we’re ever going to see GG. Penn says, “Yeah, Veronica Mars. Veronica Mars, right?” Josh then explained that Kristen decided that she was going to be GG. She read the script and she reached out to him and Stephanie.

One of the questions from the audience was whether or not Blake and Leighton get to keep their wardrobes. Both of them talk about how a lot of what they wear is one of a kind and thusly need to go back to the designers. Leighton then says that fans don’t really get to see the best part of the wardrobe – SHOES. Leighton said that they really get to wear some fantastic shoes. Penn chimes in, “Well, we should be lifting more legs then?” Hilarious. A bit off, but hilarious.

There was a bit more on the question front from the audience, but this is already getting quite long. I’m sure that a video will surface of the entire affair. The panel ends and there’s almost a hesitation from the crowd to approach the stage. No pause from me, but all of a sudden WAVES of people are trying to push past me. It’s time to pick my battle time. Oddly enough, Blake made the choice for me. She needed to go off to the ladies. Because of this, EVERYONE converged on Leighton and the boys. I just took some pictures and got out of the way.
dsc03587.jpg dsc03596.jpg

I took time to see both Kelly and Jessica as I waited for Blake to return. I’ve got to say that the TV doesn’t do justice to either of these ladies.
dsc03567.jpg dsc03572.jpg

Finally Blake returns. The masses that converged on Leighton catch wind of this and switch directions. I felt like I was in pre-pubescent rapids with no boat or paddle. Luckily I positioned myself well and got to meet Blake and talk for just a bit.

I then turned into everyone’s photographer as people used me like a fulcrum to get to Blake. I have to say that NONE of the cast was ushered off quickly. I’m pretty sure everyone that was there got stuff signed.
dsc03575.jpg dsc03577.jpg

I was able to catch Taylor on the way to the “green room.”

Hope you enjoyed the recap. It really was a fun time and I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves. Can’t wait until April 21st. I’m sure you can’t either. Go out and tell your friends about GG. Host viewing parties and get everyone caught up. As much buzz as there is with the show, at some point lack of viewers will come into play. Don’t let it go down the road of other prematurely ended series, AHEM, Veronica Mars! Get a move on. You’ve got almost a month. :)

Paleyfest 08 – “An Evening With Friday Night Lights”

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My second night at Paleyfest. Tonight brought the cast and creative team of Friday Night Lights. When the show debuted in October of ’06, I watched but couldn’t help but think, “How exactly are they going to make this work?” Went through season one and was very pleased. They definitely made it work. When season two rolled around, I sort of fell off. I guess it was because I was busy on my personal crusade to save Veronica Mars. I brought along my cousin, Mario, who is by far the bigger FNL fan. I cannot tell you the amount of times he’d scream out, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!” just to annoy me. I knew that I was going to be coming so I got caught up. Loved it.

I was working off the assumption that they would be playing another clip montage for the show. The Paley people led me to believe that all of the programs would be doing clips. In all fairness, that’s probably what heard. At any rate, it was great to see “Leave No One Behind,” or 2.14 according to Jason Katims. It was cool because I had only seen this episode once in my barrage to get caught up. I really got a lot more out of it. The performance were excellent. That Zach Gilford shower scene alone. Fantastic. This would be referenced later…

The cast and creative team were introduced by Michael Ausiello. This was great because I go back and forth between Ask Ausiello and Watch With Kristin for all my TV gossip. First up was Adrianne Palicki.
I really wanted to meet her. Honestly, I’ve thought she was great in South Beach. Yes. South Beach. She was followed by Zach Gilford, Aimee Teegarden, Minka Kelly, Scott Porter, and Connie Britton. No Kyle Chandler, though Connie relayed a message from Vancouver that he really wanted to be there.

I loved how Ausiello wasn’t pulling punches when he asked about the “elephant in the room,” particularly the murder and how a lot of people really didn’t like that arc. It was interesting to hear Adrianne say, “Um, he raped me” or something to that effect. Of course there was a lot of questions about getting renewed and the rumored move to DirecTV. Quickly enough, the questions veered back toward the sunny. There were two priceless moments. The first was a question from one of Ausiello’s readers asking Scott Porter to do some moves from Music and Lyrics. I strongly suspect that was really Ausiello’s question, but Scott graced us with the motorcycle thrust and topped it off with a booty shake. Moment deux was Zach talking about how there are sometimes non-actors on the show which has been a conscious decision on the part of the producers. He shared an very amusing anecdote about the strip club scene and how he awkwardly asked one of the ladies, “So.. what do you do?” only to find out that she has an MFA! There were other great moments like Scott “flexing” to the point where his mic fell off, Aimee constantly giggling about who knows what, and Minka looking on with strange piqued interest as they talked about a love scene. I’d get more in detail, but I wasn’t taking notes. I really should be taking notes. I’m sure that my new friend Carol at givememyremote.com will be more detailed.

The panel eventually wrapped. I made my way toward Adrianne. I didn’t want a repeat of swept away Yvonne from last night’s Chuck panel. As it turns out, the “secret service” had Adrianne earmarked as Eagle 1. She was rushed off before I could meet her. I learned from last night and was able to snap a few pics:

I was able to meet Aimee. Thank you so much to Rene (I apologize if I spelled that incorrectly) with Paley for pulling me on stage, and Mike “The Good Secret Service Agent” for letting that all happen. I’ve got to say, I HEART AIMEE. She’s such a sweetheart and so cute if I might say.

It was a great time. I really have my fingers crossed that the show is saved.

I’m the pied piper, yo.

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Follow me!!!


Umm… where the heck have you been?

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Ok, ok… One of the things that I said when I started this blog was that I was going to write very regularly – daily when possible. Obviously, I haven’t written anything since 2/7. There are tons of things swimming around in my head, feverishly, as if these thoughts and ideas were about to drown. I’ll get all of that out soon. For now, I’m going to do a bit of an update on me. What exactly has been going on? What could possibly keep you away from the blog? Hopefully the regular readership comes back to get filled in. Here goes:

1. There was a little strike that sort of shut down the town.
~ Much was made about the repercussions that the writer’s strike had on the industry. Astronomical numbers of lost income and revenue were being thrown around. Brilliant minds weren’t near their pens and papers, Macs, or anything which might get the creative juices flowing. These minds were marching in formation in front of all of the big studios. Actors joined in as well. It was a mess. Funny thing was that I saw so many people coming to the movies. Guess there isn’t much else to do when you aren’t at work. I was involved with an event with Entertainment Weekly. They put on a showcase of all the Best Picture nominees. Part of the showcase was a panel discussion with three of the four women who were nominated for an Screenplay Oscar. Diablo Cody, Tamara Jenkins, and Nancy Oliver were in attendance. I’d met Diablo before at the Hollywood Awards which sort of kick started the awards frenzy for her. I asked her what she has been doing since the strike. She exclaimed, “It’s good that I’ve been going all over the place promoting ‘Juno’ otherwise I’d be doing JACK.” Well a I like to think that my blog is a bit entertainment industry driven – TV, Movies, etc. No new eps meant no new recaps to be done by me on fancast.com or anywhere for that matter. Not an excuse, but one of my muses was SHUT DOWN. Speaking of muses, I ran into Kristen Bell. She was having dinner with Ryan Hansen and his wife and Dax. We talked about how we haven’t seen one another in what seemed to be forever. Talked about “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and how excited I was about it. She then introduced me to Dax. Now, I don’t know what I was expecting, but he was quite sedate, for lack of a better word. I mean, I’m sure you’ve seen some of his movies. He’s sort of loud and crazy. Cool guy nonetheless.

2. Sort of started a new job.
~ Yup, I’m out of the day to day operations at ArcLight. I guess it’s been a long time coming, but I’m now part of the 9-5 cube farm brigade. I won’t BORE YOU with the details, but I’m still involved with the programming at ArcLight which will always hold a special place for me. Did I mention the 9-5 thing? If you know anything about me, you know that I’m practically a vampire. I’m a total nocturnal being. A lot of the great thinking and writing I’ve created has been done when everyone else is fast asleep. My fangs totally got shaved down.

3. Went to Vegas for the “21” premiere and other ShoWest festivities.
~ I was totally looking forward to the film. So much so, that I planned on going to Vegas when I was invited (thanks AE, Wendy and Vinele!). It ended up being a 24 hour (literally) stay. Now, the movie looked GREAT, but I was also very excited to see it after being acquainted with Kate Bosworth. She really is great. Everytime I’ve talked to her and James it just reminds me that they’re just quality people. Movie totally delivered. Went over to the after party at Planet Hollywood and was blown away by the expansive space. Sony really did a great job! At any rate, I was coming away from one of the outside bars and I saw Kate. She said “Hi, Francis!” and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. It was sort of surreal. Went into the VIP area and she introduced me to her friends and her dad who took this picture of us:

It really was a great night. The next day after breakfast (I love eggs bendedict) with the boys and Vinele, went over to the Universal presentation. All of their product looks really strong, but I was really impressed with the scene they showed for “Wanted.” Jolie, Freeman, and McAvoy. Enough awesome just with them. The footage they showed of this graphic novel cum assassin movie was just FANTASTIC. Definitely go check it out. Oh, and though I’ve gushed enough about KB, go watch “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.

4. Paley Festival
~ I’m going to three programs this year: “Chuck,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “Gossip Girl” (DUH!). I am, to this very day, saddened that I won’t be going to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion. It is by far my favorite show EVER. I suppose I’ll live. I absolutely loved tonight’s panel for “Chuck.” Damon Lindelof moderated. Yup, King Lost, himself and his best Lipton impression. Zach Levi and Joshua Gomez are hilarious! They’re also gamers. The whole “Call of Duty” exchange was priceless, mostly due to an audience member trying to get them to give up their XBox Live Gamer Tags. Captain Awesome is awesome, nay, fantastic. Whedonites out in full force cheering like mad for Adam Baldwin. The one gripe I have is how quickly they ushered out Yvonne Strahovski. If you remember from my guest blog post for fancast (Don’t remember? Click HERE), I listed her as one of the Top 5 ladies of TV. Well deserved for sure. She was a bit quiet during the panel. It’s sort of hard to get a word in when you’ve got Zach and Joshua constantly chiming in, I suppose. At any rate, I was trying to talk to her afterwards and perhaps snap a quick pic. Instead she was ushered away by someone who seemed like he was trying out for a Secret Service job. Boo. Great panel nonetheless.  Almost forgot another classic moment.  Yvonne saying “I get lots of pudding.”  I’ll report out on the “Gossip Girl” panel on Saturday evening.

Well, that’s the last month plus in a nutshell. I’ll be on regularly again from now on. I’ve got tons of stuff coming up soon including the aforementioned Paley Festival, the “Leatherheads” premiere, and a media event for the ABC Family show “Greek.” Now go tell all your friends to come and get caught up on the blog and get ready for more!