Forgetting Sarah Marshall Premiere

Everyone knows how much I’ve been looking forward to seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I haven’t seen Kristen Bell on the big screen since Pulse. Add in Jason Segel starring and writing, Apatow’s comic Midas Touch, and cameos from the whole gang, and you can see how my anticipation was so high.

The premiere was at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. I don’t really get out there too much. I always forget the motley crew around the periphery of the Chinese. I had to get past Snoopy, French ladies taking pictures with Jack Sparrow, and an AARP Spider-Man. Only in Hollywood I guess. Went up and into the theatre. Proceeded to get my Diet Pepsi and run into Ryan Hansen and his wife Amy. Such a cute couple. He asks me, “What do I do with all this crap?” referring to everything in his envelope. I point out his seats, after party tickets, and parking pass. He laughs. Finally go to my seats.

Everyone’s at this premiere! The awesomely awesome Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Seth Green, Dave Navarro and Stormy Daniels, and EVERYONE who’s ever been in an Apatow movie. Imagine the boss from Smart Tech chatting it up with Alison and Ben’s crazy doctor. Classic. Wait. Speaking of Knocked Up, didn’t see Katherine Heigl there. Hmm..

Director Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segel come out to introduce the film. They joke that they both had NO IDEA what they were doing and proceeded to apologize for what we were about to see. Lights dim and Universal Pictures logo comes up. CAN’T WAIT! I don’t want to give anything away, but it was GREAT. I’m definitely going to be seeing this multiple times. Here are some vagued up highlights: The HUGE cereal bowl, the Aldous Snow video, the post break up exchange between Peter and his step brother (Bill Hader), Sarah Marshall’s show and her co-star, MILA KUNIS (I still can’t stop thinking of Meg Griffin though when I hear her), the state fish of Hawaii, the newlyweds at the hotel and their “problem,” Jonah’s constant groupie status, Peter’s musical project, and during the credits TV show preview. All I can say is GO SEE THIS MOVIE ON APRIL 18th!!!

The after party was at The Annex @ Hollywood and Highland. I cannot believe the amount of people at this party. Finally get up to the spot and am greeted with a mango cocktail. How refreshing. Eventually I head over to look for KB. Go up to Ryan and Amy who are at KB’s table and ask them where she is. Ryan says she’s outside. Head outside or at least try to. OMG it was like being on a Tokyo subway. Eventually find KB.

Hug and kiss and she points out her mom. I’m glad that her mom was able to make it out. See Jason and congratulate him on the film. My sister has loved him since I introduced her to How I Met Your Mother.

I end up losing my sister because I play lead blocker for KB’s mom so she can get back in to the table. Say hello to her step dad. Really surprised they both remembered me. I hadn’t seen them since the Pulse premiere.

Go off to find Mila Kunis. She looked great. Sister snaps a pic of us. There’s an unfortunate flash malfunction with my camera. It’s fine. Macaulay Culkin is hanging with Mila, so I snap a pic of my sister with him.

Make my way back to KB’s table. I really want to ask her if she’s actually going to reunite with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas on his new show Good Behavior AKA Outrageous Fortune. Ryan and Amy are leaving so I say farewell. I ask Ryan what he’s going to be working on next. He tells me that he’s going to be in the new Friday The 13th movie that will shoot in Austin, TX soon. Good for him! Get over to KB’s mom who has now busted out a video camera which incidentally she used later… She catches a tender moment between Dax and KB. Eventually I ask KB about the show. Here’s the scoop: She can’t join the project because she’s shooting the film When In Rome for three months. Scheduling just wouldn’t allow it. She’s even going to be delayed getting back to Heroes. She does say she can’t wait to reunite with Rob. There. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Everyone else seems to still be attaching her to Rob’s show. It’s a shame because it sounds like a great premise, but it’ll be great to keep seeing KB on the big screen.

KB wants to get her groove on, so she heads to the dance floor. I cannot stop laughing. She really got her GROOVE on. She’s doing the robot. She’s busting out every dance move you would have seen on a Soul Train dance line. Fan Freaking Tastic! After a good amount of time bringing sexy back, she’s ready to go. Give her a hug good-bye. My sister and I start making our way out and who do we see? None other than McLovin himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse. My sister must have a picture with the absolutely fabulous McLovin!

It was a great movie and a great night. Thank you, Universal! Did I already mention GO WATCH IT on April 18th?! Well… GO WATCH FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL APRIL 18th! You’ll love it!


~ by Francis Orante on April 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Forgetting Sarah Marshall Premiere”

  1. “She’s busting out every dance move you would have seen on a Soul Train dance line.” Hahaha! OMG I am so jealous of your Mila Kunis pic… grr… So is this movie really that awesome? Wow, I thought it was just gonna be another C+ movie like Knocked Up, but if you insist on its awesomeness then maybe I will just pay $11.50 to see it!

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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