Paleyfest 08 – “An Evening With Friday Night Lights”

My second night at Paleyfest. Tonight brought the cast and creative team of Friday Night Lights. When the show debuted in October of ’06, I watched but couldn’t help but think, “How exactly are they going to make this work?” Went through season one and was very pleased. They definitely made it work. When season two rolled around, I sort of fell off. I guess it was because I was busy on my personal crusade to save Veronica Mars. I brought along my cousin, Mario, who is by far the bigger FNL fan. I cannot tell you the amount of times he’d scream out, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!” just to annoy me. I knew that I was going to be coming so I got caught up. Loved it.

I was working off the assumption that they would be playing another clip montage for the show. The Paley people led me to believe that all of the programs would be doing clips. In all fairness, that’s probably what heard. At any rate, it was great to see “Leave No One Behind,” or 2.14 according to Jason Katims. It was cool because I had only seen this episode once in my barrage to get caught up. I really got a lot more out of it. The performance were excellent. That Zach Gilford shower scene alone. Fantastic. This would be referenced later…

The cast and creative team were introduced by Michael Ausiello. This was great because I go back and forth between Ask Ausiello and Watch With Kristin for all my TV gossip. First up was Adrianne Palicki.
I really wanted to meet her. Honestly, I’ve thought she was great in South Beach. Yes. South Beach. She was followed by Zach Gilford, Aimee Teegarden, Minka Kelly, Scott Porter, and Connie Britton. No Kyle Chandler, though Connie relayed a message from Vancouver that he really wanted to be there.

I loved how Ausiello wasn’t pulling punches when he asked about the “elephant in the room,” particularly the murder and how a lot of people really didn’t like that arc. It was interesting to hear Adrianne say, “Um, he raped me” or something to that effect. Of course there was a lot of questions about getting renewed and the rumored move to DirecTV. Quickly enough, the questions veered back toward the sunny. There were two priceless moments. The first was a question from one of Ausiello’s readers asking Scott Porter to do some moves from Music and Lyrics. I strongly suspect that was really Ausiello’s question, but Scott graced us with the motorcycle thrust and topped it off with a booty shake. Moment deux was Zach talking about how there are sometimes non-actors on the show which has been a conscious decision on the part of the producers. He shared an very amusing anecdote about the strip club scene and how he awkwardly asked one of the ladies, “So.. what do you do?” only to find out that she has an MFA! There were other great moments like Scott “flexing” to the point where his mic fell off, Aimee constantly giggling about who knows what, and Minka looking on with strange piqued interest as they talked about a love scene. I’d get more in detail, but I wasn’t taking notes. I really should be taking notes. I’m sure that my new friend Carol at will be more detailed.

The panel eventually wrapped. I made my way toward Adrianne. I didn’t want a repeat of swept away Yvonne from last night’s Chuck panel. As it turns out, the “secret service” had Adrianne earmarked as Eagle 1. She was rushed off before I could meet her. I learned from last night and was able to snap a few pics:

I was able to meet Aimee. Thank you so much to Rene (I apologize if I spelled that incorrectly) with Paley for pulling me on stage, and Mike “The Good Secret Service Agent” for letting that all happen. I’ve got to say, I HEART AIMEE. She’s such a sweetheart and so cute if I might say.

It was a great time. I really have my fingers crossed that the show is saved.


~ by Francis Orante on March 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Paleyfest 08 – “An Evening With Friday Night Lights””

  1. Very interesting, i would liked to be there .

  2. Thanx for sharing your pictures of Adrianne & story about Paleyfest ’08! :)

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