Umm… where the heck have you been?

Ok, ok… One of the things that I said when I started this blog was that I was going to write very regularly – daily when possible. Obviously, I haven’t written anything since 2/7. There are tons of things swimming around in my head, feverishly, as if these thoughts and ideas were about to drown. I’ll get all of that out soon. For now, I’m going to do a bit of an update on me. What exactly has been going on? What could possibly keep you away from the blog? Hopefully the regular readership comes back to get filled in. Here goes:

1. There was a little strike that sort of shut down the town.
~ Much was made about the repercussions that the writer’s strike had on the industry. Astronomical numbers of lost income and revenue were being thrown around. Brilliant minds weren’t near their pens and papers, Macs, or anything which might get the creative juices flowing. These minds were marching in formation in front of all of the big studios. Actors joined in as well. It was a mess. Funny thing was that I saw so many people coming to the movies. Guess there isn’t much else to do when you aren’t at work. I was involved with an event with Entertainment Weekly. They put on a showcase of all the Best Picture nominees. Part of the showcase was a panel discussion with three of the four women who were nominated for an Screenplay Oscar. Diablo Cody, Tamara Jenkins, and Nancy Oliver were in attendance. I’d met Diablo before at the Hollywood Awards which sort of kick started the awards frenzy for her. I asked her what she has been doing since the strike. She exclaimed, “It’s good that I’ve been going all over the place promoting ‘Juno’ otherwise I’d be doing JACK.” Well a I like to think that my blog is a bit entertainment industry driven – TV, Movies, etc. No new eps meant no new recaps to be done by me on or anywhere for that matter. Not an excuse, but one of my muses was SHUT DOWN. Speaking of muses, I ran into Kristen Bell. She was having dinner with Ryan Hansen and his wife and Dax. We talked about how we haven’t seen one another in what seemed to be forever. Talked about “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and how excited I was about it. She then introduced me to Dax. Now, I don’t know what I was expecting, but he was quite sedate, for lack of a better word. I mean, I’m sure you’ve seen some of his movies. He’s sort of loud and crazy. Cool guy nonetheless.

2. Sort of started a new job.
~ Yup, I’m out of the day to day operations at ArcLight. I guess it’s been a long time coming, but I’m now part of the 9-5 cube farm brigade. I won’t BORE YOU with the details, but I’m still involved with the programming at ArcLight which will always hold a special place for me. Did I mention the 9-5 thing? If you know anything about me, you know that I’m practically a vampire. I’m a total nocturnal being. A lot of the great thinking and writing I’ve created has been done when everyone else is fast asleep. My fangs totally got shaved down.

3. Went to Vegas for the “21” premiere and other ShoWest festivities.
~ I was totally looking forward to the film. So much so, that I planned on going to Vegas when I was invited (thanks AE, Wendy and Vinele!). It ended up being a 24 hour (literally) stay. Now, the movie looked GREAT, but I was also very excited to see it after being acquainted with Kate Bosworth. She really is great. Everytime I’ve talked to her and James it just reminds me that they’re just quality people. Movie totally delivered. Went over to the after party at Planet Hollywood and was blown away by the expansive space. Sony really did a great job! At any rate, I was coming away from one of the outside bars and I saw Kate. She said “Hi, Francis!” and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. It was sort of surreal. Went into the VIP area and she introduced me to her friends and her dad who took this picture of us:

It really was a great night. The next day after breakfast (I love eggs bendedict) with the boys and Vinele, went over to the Universal presentation. All of their product looks really strong, but I was really impressed with the scene they showed for “Wanted.” Jolie, Freeman, and McAvoy. Enough awesome just with them. The footage they showed of this graphic novel cum assassin movie was just FANTASTIC. Definitely go check it out. Oh, and though I’ve gushed enough about KB, go watch “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.

4. Paley Festival
~ I’m going to three programs this year: “Chuck,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “Gossip Girl” (DUH!). I am, to this very day, saddened that I won’t be going to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion. It is by far my favorite show EVER. I suppose I’ll live. I absolutely loved tonight’s panel for “Chuck.” Damon Lindelof moderated. Yup, King Lost, himself and his best Lipton impression. Zach Levi and Joshua Gomez are hilarious! They’re also gamers. The whole “Call of Duty” exchange was priceless, mostly due to an audience member trying to get them to give up their XBox Live Gamer Tags. Captain Awesome is awesome, nay, fantastic. Whedonites out in full force cheering like mad for Adam Baldwin. The one gripe I have is how quickly they ushered out Yvonne Strahovski. If you remember from my guest blog post for fancast (Don’t remember? Click HERE), I listed her as one of the Top 5 ladies of TV. Well deserved for sure. She was a bit quiet during the panel. It’s sort of hard to get a word in when you’ve got Zach and Joshua constantly chiming in, I suppose. At any rate, I was trying to talk to her afterwards and perhaps snap a quick pic. Instead she was ushered away by someone who seemed like he was trying out for a Secret Service job. Boo. Great panel nonetheless.  Almost forgot another classic moment.  Yvonne saying “I get lots of pudding.”  I’ll report out on the “Gossip Girl” panel on Saturday evening.

Well, that’s the last month plus in a nutshell. I’ll be on regularly again from now on. I’ve got tons of stuff coming up soon including the aforementioned Paley Festival, the “Leatherheads” premiere, and a media event for the ABC Family show “Greek.” Now go tell all your friends to come and get caught up on the blog and get ready for more!


~ by Francis Orante on March 18, 2008.

One Response to “Umm… where the heck have you been?”

  1. Man…you got to MEET Kate!!?!

    You lucky dawg…

    I didn’t get to go to Vegas or anything, but did catch a screening here in my area, a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t read that Bringing Down the House book, or anything, so didn’t know much about it…but it was good!

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