Cheerleader diva.

I’ve been sitting on this story for various reasons… One, I wanted to make sure that there wouldn’t be drama associated with it. Two, the tragic news of Heath Ledger’s passing really was at the forefront. Didn’t seem right to post around that time. Here we go though:

ArcLight Cinemas is definitely different. It isn’t just a movie theatre, it’s an experience. Surely there will be pundits out there, but it really is. One of the things that sets ArcLight apart is the “no late seating” policy detailed here: About ArcLight. Ok, now that the stage is set… There was a celebrity who came in earlier this week. I won’t divulge her name, but you may remember something about saving the cheerleader and saving the world. She came to watch a movie. She was with her mom and a friend. So far so good. Said cheerleader seems to like the limelight as she was at the snack bar for an extended period of time. During this time she was approached by what were obviously fans. Again, all normal so I went about my business.

Eventually I get a call asking me to come meet one of the managers. Let’s call her, X. X knew that the cheerleader was in. She was actually the one who pointed her out to me ’cause she knew I’d get a kick out of it. X goes on to tell me that the cheerleader went off and that she wasn’t very happy about it. That wasn’t what was said, but you get the gist of it. X goes on to explain that the cheerleader had a friend come in 1/2 hour after the movie started and expected that this friend was going to be let in. Here’s where the “no late seating” policy comes into play. The cheerleader’s friend was DENIED. Cheerleader comes out after being summoned I’m sure (another ArcLight no-no ’cause unless the cheerleader has psychic abilities, she was using her phone in the auditorium). X explains why the friend can’t come in. Cheerleader is getting heated because she just doesn’t agree and doesn’t understand. Eventually the cheerleader goes so far as to drop F bombs! She said something to the effect of “F**K the policy” while flipping two birds in the general direction of X. Unacceptable! Shame on you, cheerleader. Shame on you.

Cheerleader mommy was not present for this exchange. I’m sure if she was, she would have told the cheerleader to calm down. I mean, she’s a pretty big celebrity. You don’t want someone to, I don’t know, write a blog about you being a bitchy diva. That’s never good press (ok, this blog isn’t the Times or Entertainment Weekly or even, but people are going to see this). Eventually the cheerleader fetches the mom, gets a refund, and leaves.

I have to say that I really was a big fan of the cheerleader. She’s super cute, she’s on one of my favorite shows, and she (until this point) seemed super cool. It’s a bit of a let down to be honest. At any rate, let this be a cautionary tale to all of you in the LA area. If you come to ArcLight (Hollywood or Sherman Oaks), don’t be surprised when you come late for your movie that you are turned away. The cheerleader’s a big deal in this town and she was shot down in a blaze of glory. Don’t think it’ll be different for you. I know that sounds a bit negative, but this policy and other things are what set ArcLight apart and really make it different. If you think that it’s just an overpriced ticket and there is no difference, ask any one of our over 160,000 fiercely loyal members. :)


~ by Francis Orante on January 25, 2008.

7 Responses to “Cheerleader diva.”

  1. ah a bitchy cheerleader…. bummer she seems nice enough. but wouldn’t have given the refund!

  2. @bluesweetee No refund indeed!

  3. I don’t even know what amount of money I would have paid to see you tell the cheerleader, “I got your refund right here!!!”. I mean let’s be honest, does she really need a 15 dollar refund???!!! :)

  4. This policy really brings out the “true colors” in people….

  5. […] random blogger has decided he hates Hayden Panettiere because of a run-in the two had at an LA movie […]

  6. I call bullshit.

  7. pics of cheerleader @ said cinema or it didn’t happen.

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