Celeb sighting.

This past weekend I ran into Blair Waldorf herself, Leighton Meester at work. When I say ran into, I mean, I saw her. It was hard not to get excited over the very person that I’ve been ranting and raving is THE best thing on Gossip Girl.  Oddly enough, she came up to me to ask me if Magnolia (restaurant) was in walking distance. I said that it was, but that I recommend The Bowery (smaller, but much cooler neighborhood feeling bar/restaurant) which she would run into first on the way. She thanked me shook my hand and smiled. I didn’t tell her of course that I’m biased since my friend owns The Bowery, but it really is much better. That’s beside the point. Leighton was just super adorable. I swear she talked almost as if she had a retainer on. I’m also happy to report that she doesn’t follow the trend of toothpick actresses – she’s actually got meat on her bones. What a plus. Oh, and she’s gorgeous. The tube really doesn’t do her justice. If you haven’t yet, get caught up on Gossip Girl. There really isn’t anything else out there to watch… more on that later. :)


~ by Francis Orante on January 22, 2008.

One Response to “Celeb sighting.”

  1. Darling Francisco, Melissa sent me your blog, and I have to say… you’re hilarious! You do have so many random celebrity encounters that I can’t wait to hear more about. Hope all is well. Put me on your distribution list :)

    Much love,
    Chelsea Belardo

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