Gossip Girl Season Finale?!

Wrote it up again for fancast.com , which will be officially unveiled to the world @ CES in Las Vegas. Sadly, due to the strike it’s probably a SEASON FINALE, which sort of hurts my soul. Click away and read. It’s actually pretty darned funny. Here’s an excerpt:

No more episodes in the can + no end to the strike anytime soon = what looks to be the season finale. It’s a sad day, but if this is the finale we’re going to get, I’m glad this is what we got. This ep was one of the strongest of the season. Again, SPOILER ALERT! This is a recap after all!

Ep starts with S in a pharmacy looking store (probably a Duane Reade). She picks up her basket and starts loading it up with pregnancy tests! Of course there is someone in the store with their cell phone to capture the whole thing. Within minutes, the story is out. People love the new fodder. Everyone, that is, but Little J. Her shrill scream calling Lonely Boy to the computer is priceless. Oddly endearing actually. Lonely Boy and papa Humphrey have a serious talk. It was very “Growing Pains.”


~ by Francis Orante on January 10, 2008.

One Response to “Gossip Girl Season Finale?!”

  1. Mister, I loved your recap this week. It was nice to hear your remarks because we didn’t get to watch the ep together in our normal fun and gossipy way. I SO was feeling the Lady and the Tramp vibe from the S & Lonely Boy dinner as well!

    Plus, that clear blue easy line might have been the best line of the season for me!

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