Who knew?

Went to M’s place with C and had, as C call them, “shmeckins.” We are enjoying libations with said shmeckins and M mentions how she saw Monica Lewinsky sitting on the patio one day. C exclaims, “Did you know that she has a line of handbags?!” At this point, M and I stare at each other and burst into laughter. You see, C has had his orientation called into question before. By orientation, I don’t mean his relative position to the sun, and this just sort of pushed him closer to the proverbial edge yet again. We called several people to try and authenticate this claim of handbaggage de Lewinsky. Didn’t get a hold of anyone but two, both of which had no idea what the heck we were talking about. Do these bags have illicit stains on them or something? Are they especially motivated? I of course googled this and of course, C was right, she did have a handbag line. Not surprisingly, the business is sinking faster than a mob hit, but he was right. It was so random that Ms. Lewinsky came up at all (nothing prompted M to tell us about her sighting). Moral of the story is, exercise your internal monologue. It may save you from hearing about Monica Lewinsky or someone buying you a clutch from her handbag line for goodness knows how long.


~ by Francis Orante on December 24, 2007.

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