Top 5 shows you probably aren’t watching, but should.

It’s sort of funny to write about this since there really isn’t anything but reruns moving forward due to the strike (please, figure it out people). No, “The Singing Bee” and “Crowned” don’t freakin’ count. Ok, so here are some shows that IF the season is saved you should figure a way to get caught up on:

1. Gossip Girl (CW) – I don’t care how much anyone says, “Why on earth would you watch this?” I suppose people like me aren’t exactly helping. I have on several occasions called it “my number one guilty pleasure show.” Well, I don’t even know why I feel guilty about it. It’s a great show. Blake Lively seems to get all of the attention – magazine covers, interviews, etc. Makes sense since she’s the lead, but the real shining star of the show is Leighton Meester. She plays the character of Blair Waldorf so well. Everything previous to this Leighton always seemed to play something that was more meant to be eye candy than even remotely intriguing, but there’s meat to this role. Watching Blair from episode to episode is like being on a roller coaster. I know, this sounds a lot like what I wrote on Fancast, but it’s true. Oh, and of course the voice of Gossip Girl is done by Kristen Bell, and we all know how I feel about her. :)

2. Moonlight (CBS) – This is more the guilty pleasure show now that I think about it. It isn’t the strongest show, but it is definitely fun. I guess that it sort of fills the void of Vampires for me. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” or “Angel” but again, it’s fun. Three actors stand out to me:
~Shannyn Sossamon as Coraline – I’ve always had a thing for her since “40 Days and 40 Nights.”
~Sofia Myles as Beth Turner – She’s spunky and as my buddy grrlywhirl says all the time, “She’s hot.” Just another great conflicted character who just doesn’t know what she wants.
~Jason Dohring as Josef Konstantin – He was great on “Veronica Mars” which frankly should still be freakin’ on air, but that’s another thing. On VM he played a rich asshole with a hidden good heart. He plays the same on Moonlight except now he’s a 400 some-odd year old vampire.
Sadly, I think that CBS has driven a stake through the heart of this show. Wait… that only paralyzes them. Fingers crossed.

3. Journeyman (NBC) – Remember “Quantum Leap?” Well, I feel Journeyman is on par with it and in some ways does things better. Kevin McKidd who some of you may remember from the HBO show “Rome,” plays Dan Vassar who mysteriously finds himself jumping through time. Each time he goes, he realizes that there is someone in a situation that he needs to help fix so that something bad in the present time can be avoided. Seems like a simple premise but the show does well adding several intertwining layers of complexity that just make it that much more interesting. Take for example the fact that Dan got married to his brother’s ex-girlfriend shortly after his fiancee died in a plane crash… or so they thought. Turns out that she too is a time traveler who ends up helping him get adjusted to his new calling. It was getting so good, but this show too seems to be getting the ax. Thanks, NBC. Way to go leaving “The Singing Bee” and “1 vs. 100” on instead of this. Well, actually, thank YOU America for not knowing better than to watch that crud. Yeah. I went there.

4. Women’s Murder Club (ABC) – Four different people (Police detective, assistant district attorney, medical examiner, and motivated reporter) come together as a murder investigation team or CLUB as they say on the show. I just really like the dynamic between the four main characters. They really come off as not only professionals that come together to solve cases, but also as friends. That sort of thing is usually tough to sell. I have to say that I totally dig Laura Harris as the ADA, Jill Bernhardt. Perhaps it’s because I loved her character on yet another short lived but brilliant show, “Dead Like Me.” It’s also fun seeing them use establishing shots to make you believe they are in San Francisco even though they are OBVIOUSLY in LA. :)

5. Reaper (WB) – Sam’s parents turn over his soul to the Devil in order to cure the father’s illness. This activates on his 21st birthday and now he’s forced to be the Devil’s bounty hunter! Each weeks episode finds Sam needing to capture a new soul that has escaped from hell. I mean, that in and of itself is cool enough, but Kevin Smith (show consultant and director of the first episode) is involved, so you know it’s going to be funny and witty. For example, the place where Sam and his friends need to “deposit” the captured soul(s) is the local DMV. Classic. The one criticism I have is that they should have stuck with the original female lead. Nikki Reed of “Thirteen” writing and acting fame, was replaced by Missy Peregrym who was most recently in “Stick It” and a guest starring role in season one of “Heroes.” Don’t get me wrong, I like Missy, I just thought that there seemed to be more chemistry between Nikki and the actor who plays Sam, Bret Harrison. Even with this small misstep, it’s a great show.

Ok, if we get the rest of the 2007-2008 TV season, spark up your Tivo or DVR and hook yourself up with some tasty treats.


~ by Francis Orante on December 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Top 5 shows you probably aren’t watching, but should.”

  1. GG, Moonlight, and Reaper are definitely watchable. I have had doubts about Moonlight’s prospects even though it has improved greatly since its pilot; I hope CBS gives it more time to develop.

    Keen observers recognize Reaper’s DMV lady, Gladys (Christine Willes), from another transcendentally themed show, Dead Like Me. As for Missy, while I agree that chemistry is lacking between her and Bret, I think her character has been underused thus far. If/when her character gets into the mix a little more we may yet see a spark.

  2. I agree with Journeyman .

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