It’s that simple.

So many people look for ways to feel good or better themselves. Masses tune in to Oprah. People read “The Secret.” Others secretly go to see the latest self-help guru when they make their way in to town. Funny, when I think of this, the clip of Tom Cruise from “Magnolia” plays. In a way, I guess all of these things are fine. Whatever works for you, right? Well tonight I spent a few hours with people simply talking over drinks. The topics bounced back and forth at a frenetic pace – Love. Life. Pain. Mistakes. Gross realizations. What was learned from a particular episode of “Sex and the City.” We were seriously all over the place.

While everything kept swerving in a particular direction, I did take away one very important thing: A couple of these individuals are amongst the best people I know and will definitely be life-long friends. How often can a person say that? So often I get caught up in the minutia of the day-to-day that I don’t see what’s right there in front of me. Tonight was definitely indicative of this, and I’m glad that it just hit me over the head all of a sudden.

On the car ride home, the night’s dialogue continued for two of us. We arrived and the hum of the engine stopped (Hybrid’s lack of noise still freaks me out) and we sat in silence for a few seconds. She began speaking in such an eloquent way that I don’t even think she noticed it. It was at that moment that the proverbial mirror was turned in my direction. To have someone to fundamentally question their “reality” and actually want to move toward being a better person is particularly powerful. It happened tonight. Thank you.


~ by Francis Orante on December 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “It’s that simple.”

  1. 1. I didn’t know you had a Hybrid.
    2. I enjoy reading your blog, because you’re so good with words….it’s true! :)
    3. Friends that sharpen each other’s characters are certainly treasured. :)

  2. Minutia: N: precise details; small or trifling matters.

    I felt people could use the helpful definition of words that aren’t commonly used by the smart folk such as yourself.

    Perhaps I am in a state which one would consider an emotional roller coaster, but all jokes aside, tears prickled at the corner of my eyes. They went no further than that, but moving nonetheless. Thank you.

    I believe it is when you begin to take focus off of yourself is when you truly find what you had been looking for all along, that person you knew who was inside of you since day one. I know that is there, I wait in angst hoping you too will realize you can do anything.

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