Sounds in Silverlake

Went with V to go and see K play in Hollywood. Sadly, we arrived late. Hit the street and tried to figure out what the next play was. The night was all about music and we eventually decided to go to Spaceland Club in Silverlake to see some bands at an Indie 103.1 show. As per usual in good old LA, we separated only to come back and converge onto the venue. I swear, it was like Voltron. Instead of five lions though, it was two girls and a guy. Ok, not like Voltron at all, but I digress.

V, K, and I arrive and the valet dude tries to charge V to park in the street. The look on her face is classic. “Umm, it’s the street. You can’t charge us to park in the street.” All the valet dude kept saying was, “$4 to park for the banda. You go to banda?” Maybe he said panda, but I was pretty sure we were going to watch bands and not grub on orange chicken. Cover paid and the obligatory random stamp on the hand and we go on in. There’s a band already playing. Sounds good. Sort of reminds me of The Strokes, which is good. I start looking around and I can’t help but think that it all reminds me of one of the stages in Guitar Hero 3! Man I play that game too much. The band’s set is good, but I’m sort of perplexed by the fact that the singer has a bass drum in front of him and he beats it with his tambourine as he sings. I gotta say, I haven’t seen that before.

Went to have a breath of “fresh air,” and we see the guitarist from the band. V chats him up and eventually he says what label he’s on. I can’t for the life of me remember what the name of the label is, but I did get the words, “Yeah, we were on tonight’s Gossip Girl.” Well. Isn’t that interesting. Funny how things always have a tendency of going back to TV with me. I’d already seen tonight’s ep of GG so I asked, “Which song?” “Deck The Halls,” he exclaims. “It’s a Christmas episode, you know?” I know exactly what scene he’s talking about and while their rendition is different, it isn’t exactly rocked out like I just saw on stage. Fine by me. That’s actually cool. The name of the band is The Republic Tigers. You should check them out.

We eventually leave. There’s another band on stage. We were all sort of surprised at: a) How the lead singer even has functioning vocal chords with all the screaming b) How the band even got into the joint. I mean, they looked like they were all 12. Lead singer had a damned Mickey Mouse shirt on – not that there’s anything wrong with Mickey, per se, but honestly.

There’s a rumbly in our tumblies, so off to Fred’s. We past Tommy’s on the way to Spaceland, so I had to order the Chill E burger. It was okay. V has the Mac Daddy and Cheese (always a good choice) and K has the Blair chicken sandwich. Now, that isn’t the name of the sandwich, but if you got that reference, you totally get 1000 cool points. Oddly enough, yesterday I mentioned “Almost Famous.” Well, as I’m partaking in my fries, William Miller himself passes by me. Kind of cool that things went full circle on that one. We all finish our nummy numsters and head off into the sunset, err.. moonlight.

P.S. – K’s playing a show at Genghis Cohen on January 15th, but more on that soon!


~ by Francis Orante on December 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sounds in Silverlake”

  1. What is Voltron?

  2. Since every band has a myspace page I looked them up. Tsk tsk tsk…they sound nothing like The Strokes. If I had to compare them to someone i’d go with The Shins.


    I really hope they’re kidding. Saying that is like telling someone you’re modest.

  3. Not sure what being belongs to the comment above, but if you heard The Republic Tigers, my oh my would you be whistling another tune. They are so good. I may get in a fight here, so I will stop while I am not ahead at all.

    This night was so fun, run-ins with people I should not be talking to, chatting up married guitar players (his mistake, I simply don’t want to be a part of it), and yes, the Mac N’ Cheese (oh so good on the taste buds, oh so dreadful for the belly).

    Yes, yes come support K. She really is incredible. Scouts honor, and I don’t lie (modesty and all).

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